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     At Tobique Log Homes Ltd. we’ve been building full-scribed, handcrafted log homes since 1984.  Put our experience and expertise to work for you and we’ll stack the logs in your favor.

     A note from the chief builder… A well-built handcrafted log home is a true work of art. As each log is individually fitted to the log below, the natural beauty of the wood is displayed in a unique and exquisite manner.

     In order to be sure that the log home is solid, warm and easy to heat, the following factors must be considered carefully by the builder.

  • At least ten inches of solid log wall are required to maintain the same amount of heat retenetion as a conventional stud frame home.
  • A well-built log home has walls that fit very tightly and are anchored together to prevent air drafts.
  • Log homes must be built with an allowance for settling as wood is a living material that changes with time and humidity. All logs have to fit tightly, even after they have dried.

     Our log homes have superior heat retention because we use larger logs than most builders.  The minimum diameter at the large end of our logs is approximately 17 inches and logs will still have a diameter of 11 inches at 40 feet of length. As well, our time-proven joining and insulation technique ensures that each log will have a tight fit.

     We are as proud of our homes as our clients are and take pride in our ability to keep our customers involved in every aspect of their home design and construction.  We hope we can do the same for you.

Our only limitation is the concept.  If you can picture it in your mind, we can build it!

Garth Farquhar, President
Professional Engineer

PS:   If you’re not convinced yet that we’re passionate
about our work, visit our
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